The project the other side is aimed at young people between the ages

13 and 18 with the goal of lifting the taboo around death, existential questions, spiritual experiences, and suicide. We do this to prevent mental illness. The goal is to create platforms online that can both encourage young people to share their thoughts and emotions

around the subject, and to show them that they are not alone in

their experiences.


The project consists of two parts. One part is fiction. We are developing

a ten part web TV series about the angel Gabriel Klint who lives in Sweden and saves people who want to take their own lives. It’s a romantic fantasy story that tackles the above mentioned issues in a nondramatic way. We want to normalize the emotions people have around issues like death, existential questions, anxiety, etc. We want to inspire young people to open up, show them that they aren’t alone, and through that build a community.


The second part of the project consists of a portal where young people will be able to communicate with each other about these subjects. The series is a good alternative when you want to be passive but we also want to have a platform where you can choose more actively engage with the issues. The portal works as an umbrella term where several smaller projects are collected, such as three apps, two audio drama series, and a Instagram/YouTube-based documentary series.


The project is developed by Gabriel Klints Insamlingsstiftelse and the production company Bloody Brilliant Productions.ör-serie-om-psykisk-ohälsa-328077.html