The project is run by Gabriel Klints insamlingsstiftelse and the production company Bloody Brilliant Productions. You can learn more about the organisations under the tabs.

Amanda Romare

Producent, Project manager. Founded

theproject Gabriel Klint in 2012.


I have been afraid of death ever since I was 13 years old. What’s the point? Why are we alive? Will everything just be black later? During my teenage years my anxiety skyrocketed and I felt incredibly alone. I was too afraid to share this with my friends

and the times I tried to get help from adults I was labelled ‘weird’. That is why I created Gabriel Klint, because I can’t stand that people feel alienated or like freaks because they are experiencing feelings that are actually very common. Anxiety is hard to beat

but you don’t have to do it alone or in silence.

What inspires me is to find a way to reach young people that doesn’t feel like ‘school’ or ‘government authority’. What we do should breathe 'we know what it’s like' rather than 'we can help you'. The pressure on young people is high today and it’s easy to make the pressure harder if the focus is on that they should change about themselves. No, instead go into the cave with them and sit there together. Make a fire, and wait for better days.


Emelia Hansson

My Odelid



Pernilla Romare

Director. Founded the project

Gabriel Klint in 2012.

Adina Romare

Project manager, actress

I’ve loved the project Gabriel Klint ever since hearing about

if from Amanda and Adina back in 2014. Since then I’ve been grateful to be a part of the team, first as the production manager for the web TV series shoot, then as a project manager, and now as writer and director for the two audio dramas Valgrind and The London Necropolis Railway. Death is something I think about a lot and it’s a question that has now real answer so all you can do is keep obsessing over

it – that’s when it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Hillevi Gustafsson

Writer, director