The project is based in Sweden but has strong ties to and cooperations with other nordic organisations, both on the social aspects and the film side. Some of them are:


Klippfisk – Film organisation on the Faroe Islands.

Sinnisbati – Charity organisation with focus on young people on the Faroe Islands.

Ung Acceptans – Charity organisation with focus on young people in Finland.

Ung Hjelp – Charity organisation with focus on young people in Norway.


We have also been in contact with and had study trips at Headspace in Denmark, UnArena in Norway, UngInfo in Norway, and Asemanlapset

in Finland.


We have a nordic youth group that helps us develop the project. We have among other things brought them together with our Swedish youth group which has led to many meaningful meetings and exchanges. The other nordic countries have similar issues when it comes to young people and mental health and that is why we place a lot of value in cooperation and bringing people together to expand their knowledge and increase the coordination around preventative work.


When it comes to the web TV series it was recorded in Sweden and on the Faroe Islands which is also really fun from a nordic point of view.