Two reference groups are tied to the foundation. Their main purpose is to give advice, tips, and feedback when it comes to developing the project’s various parts.


One of the groups is comprised of specialists and representatives from different organisations that work with similar subjects as Gabriel Klint.



Ludmilla Rosengren, doctor and founder of the organisation Suicide Zero.

Monica Nanni, runs the organisationen Randiga Huset which is a grief center for youths who have lost a relative.

Maria Hernroth, head of Supply Chain Management at Peab och CEO for Peab in school.

KG Hammar, former arch bishop.

Carina Hult, president of Trivas which is a platform with focus on uniting people.

Sara Natt och Dag, author and counsellor at the Karolinska Institute.

Carl von Essen, former secretary general at MIND.

Annette Brejner, creative director at Financing Forum for Kids Content.


The second is a youth group made up of young people from around Sweden, about 30 people, who help us come up with and develop the ideas in the project. They guide us with their expertise and ensure that the project is based on what teenagers want and not what we think they need.