I’m Lying Here is a communications app for teenagers

with the goal to lower loneliness and alienation among

young people who carry around a lot of tough emotions.

The app’s main task is to show that you are not alone or

weird for feeing the way you do. We have noticed during

the years that we have developed the project Gabriel Klint and worked with preventing mental illness in youths that one of the key methods is to highlight recognition and common ground.


I’m Lying Here works in the way that a person creates a post on the app by finishing the sentence ‘I’m lying here…’


For example

‘I’m lying here…and have felt like crap all day.’

‘I’m lying here after getting dumped.’

‘I’m lying here and am terrified that my mole is cancer.’


Then other young people can answer if they’ve also felt like that today or not, either by clicking ‘Yeah, me too’ or ‘No, not today’. Posts are up for 24 hours and are anonymous.


I’m Lying Here will be launched during fall of 2018.