Valgrind is a radio drama with 6 episodes x 10 min.


The story follows the two valkyries Mist and Sigrun whose mission it is to collect the souls of the recently deceased and bring them to the gate that takes them to Valhalla. They often miss the ‘good old days’ when they collected heroes from battle fields, but they can still take pride in a spotless record of well executed missions. That is, until one day they are tasked with the job to pick up a soul in Malmö and realize with horror that it has vanished without a trace. This is the start of a chaotic hunt with only one goal - to find the soul before it breaks and turns into a wraith.















Adam, who happens to be the lost soul, is himself trying to deal with the fact that he is dead which is both painful and confusing. It’s not made easier when he realizes that he’s been kidnapped by the servants of the goddess Hel who against his will pull him into their fight to overthrow the valkyries and take over the gate so that Hel’s domain can rise up again.


The audio drama is inspired by the nordic mythology and interwoven with young peoples’ thoughts about death today. It will be launched during the fall of 2018.