Dödliga (Mortals) is an Instagram/YouTube-based project that is about raising young peoples’ voices on the subject of mental health. We do this by providing

a creative platform where they can share, open up, and communicate with each other.


The basic idea is to encourage youths to record short clips of themselves where they speak openly and honestly about what they are thinking and feeling at that moment in their lives. You will follow three main people during three months, and then after three months new people will take over. During the season there will also be cameo appearances on the channel from other people sharing their thoughts as well as short animations, poetry, etc created by young people on the topics of mental health, anxiety, et cetera..


The aim with Dödliga is to show young people that it’s ok to be exactly who you are. You are not alone and you’re not a freak for feeling the way you do. We are a big group of people that are trying to deal with these tough issues and from that we hope to build a network and community on the platform where they can support and help each other.