Gabriel Klint is a web TV series with 10 episodes x 10 min.


It’s a fantasy story about the angel Gabriel Klint who lives in Sweden and saves people who want to take their own lives. Gabriel loves his work as a healer but is increasingly pulled to the earthly life. This conflict culminates when he meets the human Abby on one of his missions and she turns out to be his soulmate. This has dramatic consequences and leads him to the impossible choice - keep healing people or keep her?


The series is aimed at youths between the ages of 13 and 18 and will be completed in spring 2018.


It is shot on location in Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

The cast includes Charlie Gustafsson, Madeleine Martin, Mohamed Said, Adina Romare, Ousman Holmén, Regina Lund, Karin Bertling, Johannes Brost, Happy Jankell, Sonny Lindberg, and Molly Nutley.

The series will also be released on our Instagram and Facebook channels, one scene per day, for the people who want to watch it that way. This also gives us the chance to share scenes that didn’t make the final cut and other relevant material, and for the audience to build a stronger relationship with the characters.